Bosch FAS‑420 Conventional 2-pipe Smoke Detector, Latest hochiki smoke detector price

Manufacture: Bosch
Product code: FAS‑420

Bosch FAS‑420 Conventional 2-pipe Smoke Detector
⭐ Is a heat detector improved genuine Bosch LSN ,Supplied : optical smoke detector hochiki soc-24vn, ion smoke detector , 12-month warranty ,Contact : 0917.911.114


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Product information

Detailed description of Smoke Detector 2 conventional systems Bosch FAS‑420

The FAS F 420 series smoke detectors are specially designed to connect directly to an improved version of the LSN of a local security network with added features. They are active fire detection systems for early fire detection in the area and equipment monitoring, as well as for monitoring air conditioning units or ductwork. They have the latest detection technology. Contamination resistance, sensor signal temperature compensation and air pressure-related initialization ensure reliable operation even in harsh environmental conditions. Noise was reduced to 38 dB(A) and up to 34 dB(A) with the addition of an equalizer.

- Can connect to fire board FPA 5000 and FPA 1200 with improved LSN technology

- High fraud alarm immunity with LOGIC · SENS . intelligent signal processing

- Innovative airflow monitoring including single-hole monitoring that detects blockages and breaks

- Initial setup made easy by automatic initialization

- Easy diagnosis via flash code on Detector Module or by diagnostic software FAS ASD DIAG

- Simplified piping system planning through patented aspiration reduction films

- Maintain LSN loop functions in the event of wire interruptions or short circuits thanks to two built-in isolators

- SL version: Noise reduction to 38 dB(A) with ultra-quiet fan and up to 34 dB(A) with additional sound absorber

Specifications Bosch FAS‑420 . Conventional 2-pipe Smoke Detector


Đầu Báo Khói 2 hệ ống Thông Thường Bosch FAS‑420, Giá đầu báo khói hochiki mới nhất



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