Bosch D282A-DH Replacement Smoke Detector, Viking Injector VK1001

Manufacture: Bosch
Product code: D282A-DH

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Detailed Description of Bosch D282A-DH Replacement Smoke Detector

- 24 VDC replacement probe for conventional tube probe housings D300A and D300A HV

- Easy to remove head for cleaning and servicing - Flashing LED on indicator light

The D282A‑ DH Duct Replacement Smoke Detector detects large smoke particles commonly emitted the combustion of wood, paper, and fabric. It is a conventional 24 VDC photoelectric smoke detector for use with the conventional tube detectors D300A and D300A ‑ HV. It uses an infrared (IR) LED light source and a silicon photodiode to measure the light reflected the particles in the detection chamber. After two consecutive measurements exceed the threshold, the device signals an alarm condition. The detection chamber, designed for reliable smoke penetration properties, is protected by a microscopic insect screen to minimize nuisance alarms. The sensitivity stability and high signal to noise ratio of this detector allow use in a wide range of environmental conditions. The probe has an amoisture proof reed switch that responds to an external magnet for testing. Magnet test simulates 4% to 6% smoke occlusion, which puts the detector in an alarm condition. This test is especially useful in unstable or non-environmental areas. There is a built-in LED flash to indicate the device is powered. The latch LEDs are stable in alarm condition.

Specifications Bosch D282A-DH Replacement Smoke Detector


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