Bosch Addressable Fire Alarm Panel Cabinet FPA‑5000 (EN54)

Manufacture: Bosch
Product code: FPA‑5000

The Bosch FPA‑5000 Addressable Fire Alarm Center Cabinet is a fire alarm device of the Bosch EN54 fire alarm system
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Detailed description of Bosch Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel FPA‑5000 (EN54)

- Modular configuration allows for easy expansion - Connect up to 32 Console Controllers, Remote Keypads and OPC servers

- Multi-loop CAN connectivity with redundant and high-performance Ethernet backbone

- Install and automatically detect function modules by plugging them the control panel rail

- Connect to BIS building integration system via OPC . server Specifications Bosch Addressable Fire Alarm Panel Cabinet FPA‑5000 (EN54)

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