Booster pump, Vertical shaft pump, Masdaf Genio INM

Manufacture: Masdaf
Product code: Genio INM

Booster pump, Vertical shaft pump, Masdaf Genio INM pressure compensation pump
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Product information

The INM GENiO series pumps are non-self priming single stage centrifugal pumps equipped with standard motor, inverter and mechanical shaft seal.

• Distinctive design features are the ease of mounting the frequency converter directly the motor; besides the compact structure of the unit, it is used in intelligent applications and can be integrated the system; Connect different types of sensors, quiet and safe working style.

• The pump's nominal flow rate complies with DIN 24255 standards.

• Pump flange dimensions according to DIN 2533, PN 16. The dimensions of the suction and discharge ports are identical. Both pump flanges have pressure gage tape.

• A single, sealed propeller with hydraulic compensation and dynamic balance.

• A drain plug is fitted at the bottom of the pump housing.

• The motor shaft is inserted the pump shaft for coupling and no coupling is required for the system.

Thông số kỹ thuật

Suction port size DN 40 - DN 200
Discharge port size DN 40 - DN 200
Pressure head 2 - 105 m
Flow 2 - 520 m³ / h
Flange connection PN 16
Maximum operating pressure 10 bar
Shell pressure 13 bar
Speed range 1000 - 3600 vòng / phút
Minimum liquid temperature -25 ° C
Maximum liquid temperature + 120 ° C
Environment temperature 0 ° C - 60 ° C
Wattage 18.5 hp

Water supply

• Increase

• Hot and cold water circulation

• In central heating and air conditioning systems

• Circulating swimming pool water

• Industrial and social facilities

• Pumping clean water or seawater the vessel Technical document

- INM Genio 2900

- INM Genio1000

- INM Genio1450

- Genio INM . Operation Manual

- Genio INM . Technical Manual

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