BEAM200,Single-head Reflective Smart Beam Smoke Detector System Sensor

Manufacture: System Sensor
Product code: BEAM200

BEAM200 is a single-ended reflector smart beam smoke detector consisting of an 8" reflector ,single-beam reflector BEAM200 smoke detectors are uniquely suited for the protection of open areas with high ceilings where Other smoke detection methods are difficult to install and maintain , Structure : ABS plastic , UL FM standard , Price : 0917.911.114


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Product information


• Protection range 16 to 328 pins

• Single-ended, reflective design

• Easiest alignment in the industry with digital display

• 6 field selectable sensitivity levels

• Optional built-in NFPA 72 sensitivity test

• Removable plug-in terminal block

• Built-in gain control automatically compensates for signal damage caused by dust accumulation

• Remote test station available

• Paintable cover

• Optional heating kits available


Operating parameters
Protection range 16 ft to 328 ft (5 m to 100 m)
Adjustable angle ±10 degrees horizontal & vertical (Optics move independently of the device)
Sensitivity Level 1 - 25% Level 2 - 30% Level 3 - 40% Level 4 - 50% Acclimate ™ Level 1 - 30 to 50% Acclimate Level 2 - 40 to 50%
Error status (crash) 96% or more obscuring obstruction In alignment mode Incorrect initial alignment Self-compensation limit reached
Align Optical gun Built-in signal strength indicator 2-digit display
Warning indicator Local red LED and remote alarm
Normal indicator Local flashing green LED
Check/Reset Features

Built-in sensitivity test filter (BEAM200S only, requires additional external power supply) Sensitivity filter (Ascending scale on reflector) Local test switch Local reset switch Remote test and reset switch (Compatible with Test RTS451/RTS151 and RTS451KEY/RTS151 train station)

Distance between smoke detector On smooth ceilings, 30 to 60 feet between beam and no more than half the distance between a beam and a side wall. Other spacing may be used depending on ceiling height, airflow characteristics, and response requirements. See NFPA 72.
Environmental Specifications
Temperature –22°F to 131°F (–30°C to 55°C)
Humidity 10 to 93%
Electrical Specifications
Voltage 15 to 32 VDC
Average Standby Current (24VDC) 2 mA Max
Average Current in testing 500 mA Max
Size 10 in H × 7.5 in W × 3.3 in D (254 mm H × 191 mm W × 84 mm D)
Standard BEAM200,Đầu báo khói chùm tia thông minh phản xạ một đầu System Sensor

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