BEAM1224S beam system sensor detector

Manufacture: System Sensor
Product code: BEAM1224S

BEAM1224 is a 4-wire, single-ended,
⭐-head reflector that includes an 8" reflector and an integrated sensitivity tester, construction: flame retardant ABS plastic, white paint, beam smoke detector type Normally, contact: 0917.911.114 to receive a quote beam gst detector : 980,000 VND , beam hochiki detector : 970,000 VND beam tanda detector: 1,089,000, beam smart detector: 1,200,000 VND beam multron detector : 560,000 VND , beam nittan detector : 890,000 VND beam system sensor: 1,890,000, hochiki reflector beam detector: 2,030,000 VND, Chinese beam gst detector: 650,000 VND


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
Product information

Electrical Specifications The operating voltage must be; Nominal: 12/24V non-polar, Min: 15.0V, Max: 32.0V. The BEAM1224S must not be used with a 12V power supply. Maximum ripple Voltage should be the highest peak of the set voltage of 6.0 volts and must not drop below the operating voltage specification minimum. Stand-by current should be 70 mA maximum average. The sensitivity test voltage shall be at most 500 mA. The maximum alarm current will be 35 mA maximum average. Warning contact rating is 0.5 A @ 30V AC/DC


Alarm power 38.5mA max. medium
Head newpaper Infrared rays
Size Bộ dò: 10 "H x 7,5" W x 3,3 "D (254mm x 191mm x 84mm) Bộ phản xạ, 16-230ft: 7,9" H x 9,1 "W (200mm x 230mm)
Operating humidity range 10% to 93% RH non-condensing
Operating temperature -22 ° F to 131 ° F (-30 ° C to 55 ° C)
Voltage 15 to 32 VDC


16 ft. to 328 ft. (5m to 100m)
To replace OSI-R-SS
Sensitivity Level 1 - 25%; Level 2 - 30%; Level 3 - 40%; Level 4 - 50%; Level 1 - 30-50%; Level 2 - 40-50%
Backup power Max17mA. @ 24 VDC
Electrical breakdown Max 8,5mA. @ 24 VDC
Type 4 wires
Standard Đầu báo beam system sensor BEAM1224S

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