BC Powder Fire Extinguisher 8kg

Manufacture: China
Product code: MFZ8

The BC 8kg MFZ8 powder fire extinguisher is the most used product on the market. It It solves many fire problems as well as the cost and convenience that is suitable for all subjects.


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Product information
Type 8kg portable bottle
Brand China
Extinguishing Flour

1. Specifications of BC 8kg MFZ8 . powder fire extinguisher

  • Capacity (kg) 8±0.16 Spray efficiency(s): 12 Spray range: (m) 5
  • Operating temperature: 20~55
  • Classification:: 22B,4A
  • Working pressure (MPa) 1.2
  • Water Test (MPa) 2.5 Packing: 2 bottles/carton
  • Dimensions (cm) 63×36×18
  • Weight (kg) 12

2. Set point of BC 8kg MFZ8 . powder fire extinguisher

Outside of BC 8kg MFZZ8 powder fire extinguisher:

- BC powder fire extinguisher 8kg MFZL8 is a portable fire extinguisher, vertical cylinder, size (Ø x H): 16.2 x 59. The body is made of cast steel to withstand high pressure.

- The bottle is painted red, on which is printed information about the characteristics of the bottle, images of instructions for use, how to preserve, ...

- On the mouth of the bottle, there is a valve assembly attached with a lid, the valve can be removed to refill the bottle after use.

- In the valve assembly, there is a squeeze valve, which is clamped with a safety pin.

- The current pressure gauge of the propellant gas in the tank, the green needle indicates that the tank is in good working order.

- Plastic or rubber nozzles; soft outer hose.

Inside the BC 8kg MFZ8 powder fire extinguisher:

- ABC fire extinguishing powder in the tank is white, smooth. Powder weight 8kg, can fight fires A, B, C.

- The propellant gas in the tank is N2, CO2 or non-combustible, non-conductive inert gas at voltages below 50KW.

Cách sử dụng bình chữa cháy bột BC 8kg MFZ8

3. How to use the BC 8kg MFZ8 . powder fire extinguisher

- Move the cylinder near the fire site.

- Shake the shock a few times if it is a propellant gas tank with the powder.

- Pull the lead clamp stopper. - the head to direct the speaker to the source of the fire.

- Keep the bottle at a distance of 4 - 1.5 m depending on the type of bottle.

- Squeeze the valve to spray the extinguishing powder.

- When the gas is weak, approach and multi-speaker spray back and forth to completely extinguish the fire.

4. Notes when using the BC 8kg MFZ8 fire extinguisher:

- Read the instructions on the use of fire fighting equipment, master the functions and effects of each type of extinguisher to arrange appropriate extinguishing of fires.

- When spraying, must stand in the wind direction (external fire); stand near the door (fire inside).

- When spraying, it must be turned off completely to stop spraying.

- When extinguishing liquid fires, it must be sprayed to cover the burning surface, avoiding direct spray on the liquid to prevent them splashing out and burning more loudly.

- When spraying, depending on each fire and the amount of propellant remaining in the tank, choose the appropriate position and distance to spray.

- Used fire extinguishers should be kept separate to avoid confusion.

- When spraying, hold the BC 8kg MFZ8 powder extinguisher in an upright position.

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