BC Powder Fire Extinguisher 2kg

Manufacture: China
Product code: MFZ2

The BC 2kg MFZ2 powder fire extinguisher is portable, with a weight of 2kg and compact size so you can quickly extinguish fires in a small area. At home, office, company and workshop, you should be equipped for effective fire prevention and fighting in all situations. Using BC powder used to extinguish flammable solids, liquids, gases and liquefied gases, BC powder cannot extinguish metal fires. BC powder can be used to fight low voltage electrical fires (under 1000V).


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Product information
Type 2kg portable bottle
Brand China
Extinguishing Flour

1. Specifications of BC 2kg MF2 . powder fire extinguisher

  • Product Name: MFZ2 Capacity = 2±0.04 kg
  • Standard spray time: 5s Spray range: 2m
  • Best operating temperature: 20~55
  • Operating pressure (MPa) 1.2
  • Water Test (MPa) 2.5
  • Weight of fire extinguishing powder 2kg

2. Uses of BC powder fire extinguisher 2kg MFZz2

ABC powder fire extinguisher 2kg MF2 is a portable extinguisher with simple structure, flexible operation and convenient application, with the advantage of fast spray speed, high spraying efficiency. Continuous or intermittent spray is applied Used for preliminary fires caused by oils, liquids, solid organic flammable gases, and equipment fires. It is the ideal equipment for factories, offices, schools, hotels, oil pumping houses, railway stations, house paint chemicals and flammable places.

Cách sử dụng bình chữa cháy bột BC 2kg MFZ2

3. How to use the BC 2kg MFZ2 . powder fire extinguisher

Like other types of cylinders, when a fire incident occurs:

- Move the cylinder closer to the site of the fire.

- Shake a few times to loosen the dough.

- Pull the lead clamp stopper.

- Choose the wind direction, direct the speaker to the source of the fire.

- Keep the flask at a distance of 1.5 m.

- Squeeze the valve so that the extinguishing powder in the can is sprayed out. Note: Because the product has a small capacity, it is suitable for use with newly occurring and small-scale fires. Therefore, when spraying, it should be sprayed close to the foot of the fire to be able to extinguish the fire quickly and effectively.

Check the BC 2kg MFZ2 powder fire extinguisher:

- Must regularly check the bottle according to the manufacturer's regulations or at least once every 3 months. If the needle is below the green line, the gas must be refilled. - Fire extinguisher after opening the valve, it is necessary to refill, before loading and unloading sealing components, remove and clean the parts that have been contaminated with powder.

- If there is still pressure, before removing the pressure must reduce the pressure by squeezing the valve slowly to let the gas out gradually, the manometer needle points to zero. When opening, hear the "hissing" sound, must immediately stop and check again.

- Before each new gas filling and after 5 years of use, the tank shell must be hydraulically tested, after reaching the required strength, it is allowed to use, at least 30 MPa.

- Check the propellant through a manometer or balance and compare with the original mass.

- Check powder weight by comparison weighing.

- Check faucet, spray speaker

4. Notes when using the BC 2kg MFZ2 . powder fire extinguisher

- When spraying, the fire must be completely extinguished before stopping spraying.

- When extinguishing fires, liquids must be sprayed to cover the burning surface.

- When spraying keep the bottle in an upright position.

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