BC KVfire Powder Fire Extinguisher

Manufacture: kvfire
Product code: BC

Stored Pressure BC Kvfire Powder Fire Extinguishers  are effective in light to moderate use and quality tested for maximum performance
⭐ These are easy to operate and maintain and is supplied with a large color coded gauge for quick pressure level indication.


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Product information

Some of the specifications of our stored pressure fire extinguisher series are listed below:

- Metal pull pins and seals help prevent accidental discharge and prevent tampering.

Extinguisher bodies are deeply drawn, welded tested to 35 KG/cm², hot phosphated and powder coated both outside and inside.

Fire extinguishing chemicals such as dry powder are filled in the fire extinguisher by an automatic filling machine.

The dry chemical powder used in the DCP Fire Extinguisher is Sodium/Potassium based which is suitable for B&C Fire and Electric Fire types.

Available in the following sizes:

- DCP fire extinguisher: 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 6 & 9 Kg.

- DCP modular fire extinguisher: 5 & 10 Kg.

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