Battery standalone smoke detector AW-SSD606D

Manufacture: INGESCO
Product code: AW-SSD606D

The detector is a photodetector that uses the most advanced optical sensing chamber. The detector is designed to provide open area protection.


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Product information

Product overview battery standalone smoke detector AW-SSD606D

A bi-color LED on each detector provides a local 360° visible alarm indication. They flash once every minute to indicate that power is on and the detector is working properly. The red LED flashes when the alarm occurs. When there is a fault condition indicating that the detector sensitivity is outside the listed limits or the battery is low, the yellow LED will flash. The alarm can be reset by pressing the button or when the fire alarm is not collected for a long time.

The test button is used to test whether the detector works normally; each time the buzzer is pressed, the buzzer will respond with a drop, while the yellow LED flashes; This button can be used for local silence during fire alarms;

Battery standalone smoke detector AW-SSD606D

Product feature Battery standalone smoke detector AW-SSD606D

-  High adaptability to the ambient,with dustproof,mothproof,moisture proof and anti-white light function

-  Sound & Flash Alarm,low voltage indication,self-test Function

-  Manual test,Auto reset Function.

Technical parameters Battery standalone smoke detector AW-SSD606D

Battery standalone smoke detector AW-SSD606D

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