Basic information about a complete fire protection system – Part 2


Fire fighting system: When talking about fire fighting system, whether it is a traditional or modern fire fighting system, we can still divide it into 3 types: using water, foam type and gas type.

Use water:

There is an extremely effective fire suppression system using water, which is the sprinkler system. This is an automatic fire extinguishing system, it has a closed nozzle that is always in a permanent state and can extinguish fires at any time. Because it is a widely installed system, you can easily see them in many places. Large areas such as shopping centers, hotels or highways.


Basic information about a complete fire protection system – Part 2

Each sprinkler head will be installed with a corresponding fire warning system. This helps the sprinkler head recognize the fire thanks to the warning unit and operate by spraying water to extinguish the fire. Not a simple system, sprinklers have the advantage of being inexpensive and easy to install. However, they are not suitable for large fires but are only a safe solution for new fires. presently. That's why people have researched more misting technology to overcome this. Spray fire suppression systems have the ability to effectively prevent, control, and extinguish fires by spraying mist at high speed. There are three mechanisms to extinguish fires that this system uses: cooling, preventing heat radiation as well as isolating oxygen

Use foam

Water fire extinguishing systems are not effective on fires caused by gasoline and oil, and in that case, you will need the help of a foam fire extinguishing system. When activated, the foam fire extinguishing system can spray foam to cover the gasoline fire, thereby helping the fire to be extinguished quickly. Firefighting foam can be divided into water foam, concentrated foam and air.

Use gas

CO2 coolers - using gas is an extremely effective and popular firefighting method today. However, when using them, you need to know how to use them correctly if you do not want to suffer cold burns and even respiratory failure for those present in the fire area. To overcome this, people have used a mixture of inergen gas - inert gas as an optimal solution. This is a firefighting method that focuses on reducing oxygen levels to help extinguish the fire but does not cause as much danger as CO2, and also does not cause damage to equipment and machinery such as foam gas or water. That's why many factories use this device in firefighting.


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