Balanced Valve Flow Pressure Meiji FIG 902 PN16/25

Manufacture: meiji
Product code: Meiji FIG 902 PN16/25

Advantages of the Meiji FIG 902 PN16/25 flow pressure balancing valve
✅ helps to stabilize the flow pressure in the pipeline
✅ also known as water flow control valve
✅ flow balance valve 100% imported flow
✅ 12 months warranty, nationwide delivery


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Value of globe valve Flow gauge and damper valves servicing such systems should operate with as low pressure loss as efficient operation and high accuracy will allow.

• However, in some cases the flow velocities are so low that as a result of the system design, it is equally important that the appropriate differential pressure is available for accurate flow measurement. This requirement was achieved on the basis of a practical compromise between the need for precision and low hydraulic losses.

• Flow and damper valves allow system design engineers to specify standard production valves to match various system design options arising current H&V technology, see energy conservation considerations and standards legislation. Description

Confirmation valve as required by BS7350.

• Flanges to BS4504 PN16/25, JIS10/16K, ANSI Class 150.

• These are Y-shaped globe valves with a pull flow check point.

• Mainly used in injection or other circuits requiring dual damper to balance the system.

• The accuracy of flow measurement is ±5% at the fully open position of the valve.

• Some accuracy reduction occurs when partially opening the internal valve according to BS 7350.

Structure - Ductile steel, stainless steel 410 - Size: DN 65 - 350 mm - Working pressure: 16/25 bar

- Test pressure: Shell: 24/37.5 bar, Seat: 17/26 Bar

- Working temperature: -10°C to 120°C


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