Autosigma solenoid valve

Manufacture: autosigma
Product code: HPW 2170 / 2180 / 2190 / 165 HPW 2150F / 2160F /

Solenoid valve
⭐ HPW 2170 / 2180 / 2190 / 165 ,Genuine imported valve , 2WAY SOLENOID VALVE FOR WATER (Normally Closed type, Pilot Control) , HPW 2150F / 2160F / 2170F / 2180F / 2190F / 165F , Condition: 100% new , 12 month warranty , technical advice 0917.911.114


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
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- Maximize the amount of liquid to the membrane mode.

- Convenient maintenance due to fewer parts.

- Waving coil types can be freely followed in the direction of the wire.


- Water distribution pipes, Industrial cleaners, Air compressors, Heavy chemical equipment, Heaters,

- Ventilation systems, medical equipment, boilers, etc. Or to say, is a property of, through, through, through another asset, through keeping, through another asset.

Van điện từ Autosigma

Van điện từ Autosigma

Van điện từ Autosigma


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