Automatic fire extinguishers for ships, Fire fighting equipment on ships


Ensuring safety on all types of ships is a very important issue. Firefighting equipment on ships must always ensure efficient operation and be regularly checked, including some systems such as the system. CO2 on board, Fire fighting system on ship...

* If you own a boat, you will need automatic fire extinguishers on ships or marine fire extinguisher for your safety. Fires can break out on board ships due to cooking, engine fires and electrical fires.

* Replacing an entire boat is extremely expensive, let alone replacing an engine. By equipping safety equipment on board, you can minimize the damage caused by fire, as well as save lives.

* Automatic fire extinguishers are available in two types: gas and powder.


Cách chọn bình chữa cháy tự động cho tàu thuyền,Các trang thiết bị cứu hỏa trên tàu

How to choose automatic fire extinguishers for boats,Firefighting equipment on board

What is an automatic fire extinguisher?

* A request automatic fire extinguishers on ships deployed to test different thermal situations on board ships. The idea behind the automatic design is to provide discharge from the fire extinguisher at any point where the temperature reaches above 79 degrees Celsius.

* This is the temperature at which a fire will begin, so the extinguishing agent will discharge, extinguishing the fire before it can completely destroy the boat.

Why are automatic fire extinguishers necessary for boats?

* Required automatic fire extinguishers on ships in case you are not present to put out the fire.

* When cooking, you are naturally at the source and can act quickly; however, a fire in the engine compartment can take several minutes to reach.

*This depends on whether the engine is directly behind the captain's seat or one or two decks below. To prevent further damage, an automatic fire extinguisher must operate immediately.

What is the feature of automatic fire extinguisher?

* A small powder fire extinguisher weighing only 1 or 2 kg. Compactness for easy installation even in a small space near engines, technology or computers on the small spaces of ships.

* Type of fire extinguisher used for class A, B and C fires.

* Pressurized or residue-free inert gas extinguishers for marine fires using FE36 as a cleaning agent.

* Unlike previous models that use gas that will not deplete the ozone layer or damage the environment, making it safe to use.

*Options include a space mass of 1, 1.5 or 2 kg. This particular extinguisher is rated for Class B and C fires and is safe to use on electrical equipment.

* As gas, it can be mounted almost horizontally.

So fire fighting equipment on board what are the devices?

* Fire-fighting equipment on board is mandatory safety equipment for every ship, as important as life-saving equipment. The list of safety equipment for each ship is clearly stated in the life-saving and fire-fighting plans, also known as the safety equipment layout plan.

Bình chữa cháy tự động cho tàu thuyền,Các trang thiết bị cứu hỏa trên tàu


According to our experience with pccc equipment 16 requirements for fire fighting equipment on board shall be fitted and in good working order at all times.

1. Compulsory fire fighting equipment on board

2. Main fire pumps and emergency fire pumps

3. Piping system

4. Fire Dragon

5. Portable fire extinguisher

6. Fixed fire fighting system

7. Mist spray paint warehouse fire fighting

8. International shore flange

9. Fire fighting kit

10. Emergency escape breathing apparatus

11. Fire alarm system

12. Alarm system

13. Remote emergency quick-close switches

14. Fire hydrant layout plan

15. Fixed fire fighting system

16. Flame Retardant Suit

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