Automatic Alarm Valve

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Product code: Alarm Valve

Automatic Alarm Valve


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Alarm valve is a water leakage detection device for wet type sprinkler system and it is widely used for apartment and office studio.
All the 1st, the 2nd pipe are filled with pressurized water, when more than one of the sprinkler heads open, the signal and alarm
will be sent out and the pressurized water is discharged. A delayed timer in the alarm switch prevents false actions caused by the change of water pressure in piping.


- When no more than one sprinkler head opens (in case of no firing), there will be no alarm and the check fuction is
integrated for automatic filling of 2nd side pressure.
- The istallation could be done at narrow space.
- The position of drain hole shall be in the lowest position for easy removal of foreign materials sheet.
- Delayed timer được trang bị trên công tắc cảnh báo để ngăn ngừa tình trạng hoạt động sai do thay đổi áp suất nước.
- A delayed timer in the alarm switch could prevent false actions caused by the change of water pressure.


Size: 125A, 150A

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