Automatic Air Vent

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Automatic Air Vent is a kind of controller is installed on the system architecture.


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Automatic Air Vent is a kind of controller is installed on the system architecture, used to release the heat supply system and water supply pipeline of air-pocket valve, widely used in manifold, radiator, floor heating, air conditioning and water system.

Feature Automatic Air Vent

1. Automatic exhaust valve must be installed vertically, namely must ensure that its internal buoy is in vertical position, so as not to affect the exhaust;

2. Automatic exhaust valve in the installation, it is best with isolation valve installation, so when you need to tear open the discharge valve for maintenance, the guarantee system of airtight, water does not drain;

3. Automatic exhaust valve is installed in the highest point of the system, is helpful to improve the efficiency of exhaust.

Technical Automatic Air Vent

Automatic Air Vent


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