Aspirating Smoke Detection System AW-AS100

Manufacture: INGESCO
Product code: AW-AS100

The Aspirating Smoke Detection System is an extremely early smoke detection device that collects air samples through air sampling tubes and analyzes the concentration of smoke particles in air samples.


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The Aspirating Smoke Detection System is an extremely early smoke detection device that collects air samples through air sampling tubes and analyzes the concentration of smoke particles in air samples to provide alarms according to the set value.

Aspirating Smoke Detection System working principle 

The AW-AS100 aspirating smoke detector uses laser cavity detection technology to detect fine smoke particles released early in the combustion of substances. When the substance is burning, the number of smoke particles in the air increases sharply, and the AW-AS100 aspirating smoke detector samples the air sample to the detection core, and uses the principle of "shading rate" to detect light diffraction through the laser cavity, accurately reflecting the change trend of fire smoke. When the light derivation rate reaches the set threshold, Micro Know will issue an alarm and notify the fire duty personnel in time, so as to win more time for people to deal with fire hazards.

The Aspirating Smoke Detection System has a wide range of applications and is suitable for the following applications:


Rail Transit




Communication Room Cabinet

Power System Equipment Inside 

Internet Data Center




The apirating smoke detection system is mainly composed of detector AW-AS100, sampling pipeline and background monitoring software, as shown in the following figure:

Aspirating Smoke Detection System AW-AS100

Aspirating Smoke Detection System Features:

Sensitivity: The AW-AS100 aspirating smoke detector is extremely sensitive to detect small smoke particles in the early stage of combustion and early detection of early fire hazards.

Accurate and no false alarm: The AW-AS100 adopts the principle of laser cavity detection and is extremely accurate in monitoring smoke particles.

Low maintenance costs: Avoid adding consumables such as water or expensive filters. The system has a built-in high-efficiency compression pump that enables self-cleaning.

Large detection area: The theoretical value of the detection area of each double-tube detector can reach 1000 square meters

Smoke content visualization: After the intelligent terminal connects the device, it can view the smoke content waveform of the device, so that people can intuitively feel the current smoke situation and facilitate timely adjustments.

Easy to operate: You can enter by scanning the code through the intelligent terminal,without the need to operate and set it through the keys, which provides users with great convenience.

Multi-level alarm function: divided five alarm stages, namely alarm, early warning, patrol, fire alarm 1, fire alarm 2. The parameter at each stage can be set according to customer needs, which is convenient for users to adjust parameters on site.

A variety of quick settings: There are quick setting options for smoke sensitivity,which is convenient for on-site personnel to adjust.

Parameter customization function: Can be run according to the customer's custom parameters.

Self-learning function: Periodically collect the surrounding environmental conditions for automatic analysis, automatically adjust the appropriate parameters, and facilitate customer use.

Special alarm input: Through the external signal, the micro-know can be used to perform the alarm parameters set by the customer.

Historical alarm query function: 30,000 historical alarms can be saved.

Event recording function: Can save on-site operation records for background query.

Black box function: When the equipment fails, it can keep a record of all the setting parameters and operating parameters at the last moment for the customer to locate the event.

Aspirating Smoke Detection System Sampling Lines/pipe:

Sampling pipeline is used to collect air samples in various regions, sampling pipeline system is composed of sampling tube, elbow, tee, plug, capillary sampling tube and sampling head, etc., the common pipeline sampling methods are as follows

Aspirating Smoke Detection System AW-AS100

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