400 meter pipe fitting early smoke detector ASD-535-1

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: ASD-535-1

Suction detector with analysis chamber for early smoke detection
✔️ for pipes up to 400 meters long , Maximum coverage area 2880m2 , Requires additional sensor SSD-535-3 , Airflow monitoring. 5 alarm levels , Alarm sensitivity 0.002%/m. IP54 housing, Dimensions: 265 x 348 x 148 mm ,24 Vdc power supply , consumption: 290 mA , Memory of 430 onboard events , EN54-20 CPR certificate.


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Product information

• Approved according to EN 54-20, classes A, B and C, UL (268 7th Edition) and FM

• VdS ASD PipeFlow approved calculation software allows for efficient asymmetrical piping

• Sensitivity adjustable 0.002–10%/m

• Very sensitive and at the same time powerful smoke detection thanks to the LVSC Volumetric Smoke Chamber with alarm sensitivity <0.001%/m

• Fully integrated in-line SecuriLine loop with Confi g over Line

• Insensitive to dust particles thanks to the patented suppression system of very small objects

• Automatic dirt compensation and Autolearning function

• Low noise emission, ISO 11690-1 . compliant

• Up to 5 alarm levels per detector (3 presets and 1 or 2 alarms)

• Heavy Duty version of the ASD 535 for extreme conditions with:

• IP66 . protection

• Coated printed circuit board

• Protection against surge surges 8 kV

Dimension drawing

ASD-535-1,Đầu phát hiện khói sớm lắp đường ống 400 mét

ASD-535-1,Đầu phát hiện khói sớm lắp đường ống 400 mét

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