Apollo 58200-975MAR Push Button,Apollo Discovery Marine Waterproof Button

Manufacture: Apollo
Product code: 58200-975MAR

⭐Discovery Marine Manual Call Point has been designed for use in marine and offshore environments and is available in two versions for indoor and outdoor applications. Both versions are available without short circuit isolator. Alarms are initiated by pressing on the resettable element, the Manual Push Button signals to the Control and Indicator Unit by interrupt feature in Apollo Digital Protocol. The alarm status is indicated by a yellow and black bar on the lower part of the resettable element and a red LED. The Manual Call Point can be easily reset the front with the supplied reset key.


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Protocol Voltage (Min.) Protocol Voltage (Max.) Protocol Voltage Current Booster Maximum Power On Time Quiet Stream Static Current Tested At 5V 9V 5 to 9V peak to peak 1mA 1 second 100μA 24V dc
Humidity (Min.) Humidity (Max.) Operating Temperature (Min.) Operating Temperature (Max.) Operating Temperature- Rated Value 0% RH 95% RH -30°C 70°C -30 to 70°C IPIP67






Weight Color Material Product Length Product Width Product Depth Main Type 324g Red Polycarbonate 110mm 110mm 74mm Apollo Manal Call Point Reset Key

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