Apollo 58100-970MAR Marine Emergency Button

Manufacture: Apollo
Product code: 58100-970MAR

⭐Discovery Marine Apollo Marine Emergency Button, approved for use in indoor marine applications. A seven-segment DIL switch allows the address of each call point to be determined at the operational stage. When operated, manual call point interrupts polling cycle for quick response, Two-color LED indicates isolated and normal condition.


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Alarm level 64

Protocol Voltage (Min.) Protocol Voltage (Max.) Protocol Voltage Current Booster Maximum Power On Time Quiet Stream Static Current Tested At Polarity

5V 9V 5 to 9V peak to peak 1mA 1 second 100μA 24V dc L1 & L2 are polarity sensitive
Humidity (Min.) Humidity (Max.) Operating Temperature (Min.) Operating Temperature (Max.) Operating Temperature Rated Value

0% RH

95% RH

-20 ° C

60 ° C

-20 to 60 ° C






Color Material Product Length Product Width Product Depth Detection Principle Main Type Red Polycarbonate ABS 93mm 89mm 60mm Operation of a switch. KAC Manal Call Point check and reset key

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