Apollo 55000-790USA 2-way Priority Switching Monitoring Module

Manufacture: Apollo-USA
Product code: Apollo 55000-790USA

Apollo 55000-790USA Priority Switch Monitoring Module 2 lanes Apollo 55000-790USA is a fire alarm monitoring device
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Product information

Specifications Apollo 55000-790USA 2-way Priority Switching Monitoring Mdule

- Part No. : 55000-790

- Compatible: 55000-790

- Type: Actual Priority Switching Display Module Switching Display Module with Wiring Terminals

- Dimensions4 x and a half x 4½ x x 1

- Temperature Stamp 32 degrees to 10 degrees F to 0 limited capacity

- Working voltage 17-2 8V d c

- Modulation voltage 5-9V (peak to peak) - 1.1mA . monitoring active current

- Alarm current 2.5mAMaximum current 7.8mA (LED on)

- Functional status (Normal) Level 16Analog (Alarm) 64 Trouble) 4

- Instrument Starter Circuit (IDC) Wiring Type Protected Power Limit Output

- Voltage class A and class B Voltage 10 V dc Maximum impedance 1.7mA

- Resistor current 100K max 47KΩ (A UL l isted end-of-line resistor is available Apollo and can be ordered under Part No. 44251-146).

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