Apollo 29600-929 Optical Projection Beam Detector

Manufacture: Apollo
Product code: 29600-929

Conventional end-to-end optical beam detector designed using the latest in optical technology
⭐️combining state-of-the-art industrial, electronic and software techniques
⭐This detector provides effective protection on costs for large, open spaces with high ceilings. It is also well-suited to applications where access to ceiling-mounted smoke detectors is difficult in practice. Conventional end-to-end optical beam detectors are ideal for applications where the line of sight for infrared (infrared) detection lines is narrow and where building structures use reflective surfaces. It has also been designed to be aesthetically pleasing and can therefore be suitable for modern architectural buildings as well as heritage sites, especially those with ornate ceilings.


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Product information


Longevity 10 years

Humidity (Min.)

Humidity (Max.)

Notes About Humidity Humidity

Operating Temperature (Min.)

- Operating Temperature (Max.)


Temperature Rated Value

0% RH 93% RH

does not condense or freeze

0% to 93% (no condensation or freezing)

-10°C 55°C

-10 to 55°C


Standard EN 54-12

You can refer to products genuine fire alarm equipment...HERE

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