Angle valve UL standard

Manufacture: ANEN
Product code: Angle valve UL

According to UL-668 standard, valve body is made of ASTM83600 corrosion resistant material
✅ This product has been UL listed, UL number EX5137, and is designed for areas where high safety is required ⭐
✅ Pressure The working capacity and test pressure of this product can reach a minimum of 175 psi and 875 psi respectively. The design of the valve body and handle provides durability and solidity.


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Angle valve UL standard
Type Dimensions Structure A B C D Thread Connection Weight
BSHV 1 1/2 '' ASTM83600         1 1/2 '' PT 1,86 Kg
BSHV 2 1/2 '' ASTM83600         1 1/2 '' PT 4,85 Kg


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