Addressable Strobe Sounder AW-D106

Manufacture: INGESCO
Product code: AW-D106

The AW-D106 is a combination of addressable alarm bells and whistles used for addressable fire alarm systems that provide accurate fire location capabilities to help fire crews take timely measures to deal with incidents in the event of a fire. on fire


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Product information

Addressable Strobe Sounder AW-D106 is an intelligent horn strobe, which can be configured with Asenware AW-FP100 Series Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel. Each point (devices) can be given specific ID, which allows the panel to continuously monitor specific device location (point). AW-D106 horn strobe is used for audio and visual fire signaling applications.

Features Addressable Strobe Sounder AW-D106

• Addressable-analog communication

• Low Standby current

• High decibel rating

• Flash period of 1 sec

Technical parameters Addressable Strobe Sounder AW-D106

Addressable Strobe Sounder AW-D106

Strobe Sounder Installation

AW-D106 addressable horn strobe comes with mounting enclosure which can be easily installed

Addressable Strobe Sounder AW-D106

All dimensions are in mm

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