Address set of push button, module, fire alarm Destnov PGD-200

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: PGD-200

Addressable programmer for 200A series addressable detectors and 400 series devices (push buttons, modules and sirens)
✔️ allows visual display of device addresses, analog of detectors and sequential programming of all addresses , Includes 3 9V batteries , Model Number : PGD-200 , Manufacturer : Detnov , Country of Origin : Spain


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Product information

The programmer has 3 programs:

- Program 1: provides addresses for automatic devices when it is necessary to a device in the programmer, be it a detector, module, siren or push button. By pressing the √ key, record the address displayed on the screen, creating a new consecutive address for the next device we record. This helps to avoid repeating directions.

- Program 2: allows to provide a specific address for the connected device to the programmer. Press the up or down keys, the value we need and press the √ key, record the selected number.

- Program 3: shows us the address of the device connected to the programmer and its analog value.

° Portable tools

° Battery operation

°Low Consumption

° Direct connection to detectors and modules

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