ABC powder fire extinguisher 6kg India

Manufacture: IFP firecheck-Ấn độ
Product code: ABC 6kg

Fire Extinguisher, Type DCP, Cap 6 kg, BIS : IFP firecheck-India
⭐Portable fire extinguisher, Dry chemical powder type, filled with Sodium bicarbonate according to IS 4308, capacity 6 kg Body MS, Fire Rating 34B  CO2 box according to IS 4947, BIS Marked according to IS 15683: 2006, manufactured by brand IFP FIRECHEK - INDIA quantity supply and 12 months warranty full delivery country, contact 0917.911.114  abc 25kg fire extinguisher abc fire extinguisher 5kg  abc fire extinguisher 35kg fire extinguisher abc - 4kg


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
Product information


Type Dry ABC
Weight 6kg
Structure Mild steel
Applications PCCC
Maximum pressure 18,5 bar
Discharge range 3,5 m
Weight 9kg
Explosive pressure 15 bar
Discharge time 18 giây
Working Pressurs 15 bar
Type Vase with hanger
Rating 34B
Certifications CE
Environment Environmental friendliness
Status New 100%
insurance 12 months
Price 0917 911 114


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