825 Constant Gallonage Monitor Nozzle

Product code: 825

825 fixed flow nozzle is designed and manufactured in a sleek, durable, 100% brand new, protekfire brand, made in Taiwan, contact 0917911114


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
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Fixed constant flow that is factory preset to customers' specifications

Simple, rugged nozzle with superior stream quality and reach

Adjustable straight stream to a dense fog pattern

Twist shutoff

Inbuilt stream shaper designed for maximum reach

Durable lightweight alloy construction

Large handle enables easy stream pattern management

Compatible with Protek's wide range of monitors


Style: 825
Product Name: Constant Gallonage Monitor Nozzle
Flow Rate: 500,750,1000,1250 GPM (1900-2900-3800-4800 LPM)
Operating Pressure: 100 psi (7 bar)
Inlet: 2-1/2" (65 mm)
Material: Alloy
Length: 9" (229 mm)
Weight: 13 lbs (6 kg)
Compatible Products: 633, 655, 622-1, 622-2, 622-3, 230


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