760 LPM portable fire fighting nozzle

Manufacture: forede
Product code: 760 LPM Handline Nozzle

FOREDE 760 LPM Handline Nozzle with automatic flow rate, no need for manual flow rate adjustment ⭐
✅ Selectable flow fire sprinkler. As the flow rate increases, the dynamic pressure of the water flow can relax the spring, and at the same time the overflow area of the nozzle increases, preventing the water pressure rising to keep the spray pressure of the water gun stable. In contrast, the spring is compressed, and the overflow area of the faucet is reduced to prevent water pressure dropping.


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1) Automatic (constant pressure, variable flow, constant gallonage, constant flow per sample).

2) Automatic slide valve technology.

3) Simple operation (1/4 turn line to fog).

4) Fixed molded rubber teeth.

5) Hard coated anodized aluminum foil.

6) Inlet screen (304 stainless steel).

7) 360° rotation, full time, even after tightening.

8) Compatible with Quick Mount Foam Tube.

9) Designed for low pressure main lines.

10) Fixed teeth.


- Fire and Rescue Services

- Defense Sector

- Oil and Gas

- Petrochemical installations

- Marine industry (Onshore and Offshore)

- Large industrial users

- Mining

- Nuclear


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