7 models of Shillafire high-flow multi-function nozzles

Manufacture: Shillafire
Product code: SL-16SNEA,SL-16NEA,SL-16JNEA,SL-16MSE-3,SL-8SFE,SL

SL-16SNEA,SL-16NEA,SL-16JNEA,SL-16MSE-3,SL-8SFE,SL-16NE,SL-16JNE shillafire multi-purpose nozzle high flow rate, used for filter facilities petrochemical, industrial
⭐  It is used in hazardous areas that are hard to reach in the event of a fire of petrochemical plant equipment or as a gateway for connection to fire truck electric water guns  Type Direct radiation can be adjusted a long distance. It has the function of preventing load when regulating direct radiation, so there is no motor damage due to overload. You can choose and use dustproof, explosion-proof, dustproof, etc. according to the conditions of the hazardous area.


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7 mẫu lăng phun đa năng lưu lượng cao Shillafire

Specifications 7 models of Shillafire high-flow multi-function nozzles

Model Dimensions Flow(@0.7MPa) Lenght S/t(mm) Lenght (mm) Weight(kg) Structure Note
SL-16SNEA FE40/65/BSP2” 130/150/240 GPM 54 207 2.5 Aluminum Black powder coating
SL-16NEA FE65 (2½”) 350/500 GPM 54/56 178 3.15
SL-16JNEA FE65 (2½”) 750/1000 GPM 54/56 230 4.25
SL-16MSE-3 FE75 (3”) 1250 GPM (4700 LPM) 100 230 6.4
SL-8SFE FE65 (2½”) 690 LPM ~2500 LPM Max.65 520 3.9
SL-16NE FE65 (2½”) 350/500 GPM 54/56 180 6.8 Copper Ni-Cr Plating
SL-16JNE FE65 (2½”) 750/1000 GPM 54 160 8.5


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