5 measures to prevent fire from electrical appliances at home


What does electrical fire protection equipment include? Common electrical fire prevention tools? burning electrical equipment causes unpredictable fires...we need to equip fire protection equipment for the power source which is the most necessary measure today....

5 measures to prevent fire from electrical appliances at home What do we care about? Many of us take electricity for granted. In an age where almost everything in every household is related to electricity as our essential source of energy, it is easy to forget that electricity is a powerful form of energy and that its misuse can cause harm to your body, damage your equipment or worst - scenario situations, fire and explosion. So, we will give you 5 basic tips to help prevent electrical fires. Remember these and practice them for your safety and the safety of others.

5 biện pháp phòng cháy thiết bị điện tại gia đình

5 measures to prevent fire from electrical appliances at home

1. Do not allow the power supply to be overloaded in your home

- Condition 1 of 5 measures to prevent fire from electrical appliances at home is always guaranteed to be effective and it is best that you absolutely do not plug in many electrical equipment and use it at the same time. Doing so will overload the transmission line, causing an overload of current.

5 biện pháp phòng cháy chữa cháy thiết bị điện tại gia đình

2. Do not place electrical outlets close to water sources

- When placing electrical outlets and electrical plugs in the bathroom and where to wash dishes, we pay special attention to the design of the power lines here. This is a place where high humidity always arises, easily causing electrical lines to catch fire, which will be a danger in your family.

5 biện pháp phòng cháy chữa cháy thiết bị điện tại gia đình

3. Regularly monitor and check electrical equipment in the house

- Most devices like laptops, TVs, and lamps are very safe and aren't something you have to worry about too much. However, appliances like microwaves and especially kitchen appliances are something you have to keep an eye on. At the very least, you shouldn't leave them at home when no one else is home. This applies many times to stoves, ovens and most other kitchen appliances, as the kitchen is the most common place where fires start! - There are also some hand-held household appliances such as welding machines, cutting machines, drilling machines...

4. Avoid placing flammable substances near electrical outlets

5 biện pháp phòng cháy chữa cháy thiết bị điện tại gia đình

- Electricity generates heat and continuous heat, even if mild, can lead to the ignition of any flammable substance that comes into direct contact with the appliance. Therefore, keep fabrics such as bed sheets, curtains, and clothing away from outlets whenever possible.

- In addition, we should avoid placing gasoline, oil, paper... and other flammable items near electrical outlets.

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5. Get away from equipment that has a short circuit or fire - When we detect an unusual phenomenon related to electricity from household electrical equipment, we should quickly and safely stay away if we cannot handle it in time or cannot handle it.

- In summary: we share the 5 most basic fire prevention measures for electrical equipment in families for you to refer to and apply to your family.

How to handle a fire or explosion in the house?

- An electrical short circuit leading to a house fire is something no one wants. But to avoid risks, each family needs to be equipped with knowledge about using electrical equipment safely to minimize damage, if any.

- In case of an electrical short circuit causing a fire, it is necessary to immediately cut the circuit breaker and alert everyone to exit the house. If you are sure no one is trapped in the house, use a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. At the same time, pre-install the phone number 114 into your phone so that in case of need, you can call the fire police for assistance.

- Install smoke alarms in many locations in your home so that when an incident occurs, you can completely eliminate the risk of fire in your home. You should check the fire alarm batteries regularly to ensure your smoke alarm is always working properly. Usually you should change the battery once every 6 months.

- Never use water to extinguish fires caused by electrical short circuits. While waiting for firefighters to arrive, sit low to avoid breathing in smoke. If your clothes catch fire, roll around on the ground to extinguish the fire.

- Every family should be equipped with a CO2 fire extinguisher to extinguish fires when unexpected fire incidents occur.







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