3 ways to use fire blankets


How much does a fire blanket cost? How to use fire blanket? This is always very important to know how to use them proficiently to get the best effect with use in the kitchen..

The following information helps explain the simplest (and often the most effective) methods for dealing with small fires.

fire blankets is nothing more than a blanket manufactured with flame retardant or flame retardant materials. The most effective method of using a fire blanket is to simply extinguish the flame in a small flame, cutting off the oxygen supply and preventing the fire from spreading. It's great to have a handy fire blanket at home and work in case of a small fire

What are the uses of fire blankets?

With 3 ways to use fire blankets The most effective today will bring safety every time a fire incident occurs

1. Fire blankets are a useful method for dealing with kitchen fires such as deep fryers. The first thing you must do (if possible) is to turn off the heat source, then stretch the blanket so that it is large enough to cover the entire flame. Place the fire blanket over the burning pan to put out the fire, leaving it on for at least half an hour to make sure the fire goes out. If you are unable to turn off the heat source before starting, turn it off as soon as you can safely do so. Then leave the room, close the door and call the fire brigade.

3 cách sử dụng chăn chiên chữa cháy

3 cách sử dụng chăn chiên chữa cháy

2. Fire blankets are also useful if a person's clothing catches fire when surrounding them in the blanket (make sure to keep your hands in the blanket securely) and encourage the person to roll on the floor until the flame is extinguished. extinguish.

3 Another great use for a fire blanket is to act as a protective measure if you need to walk through a burning room. Wrap yourself, baby, child or others securely in a fire blanket as you walk through a fire-affected area.

3 cách sử dụng chăn chiên chữa cháy

chăn chiên chữa cháy

In which cases do not need to use fire blankets?

- If the fire is bigger than the blanket, the fire blanket will not be able to extinguish the fire. Turn off the heat source if possible, then leave the room, close the door, and call the fire brigade as soon as possible.

- Never try to throw a blanket on a burning pan, it can be dangerous to you if the hot oil is spilled around. Always protect yourself from flames when you are near a fire, paying special attention to your hands as you carefully cover the fire with a blanket.

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