2kg Fire Extinguisher, 5kg Naffco Standard Kitemark LPCB

Manufacture: Naffco
Product code: NC2, NCS2, NCZ2, NC2A, NC5, NC5X, NC5A, NCA5X

2kg Fire Extinguisher, 5kg Naffco Standard Fire Extinguisher Kitemark/LPCB - Portable CO2 Fire Extinguishers - Kitemark / LPCB Approved (NC2, NCS2, NCZ2, NC2A, NC5, NC5X, NC5A, NCA5X) is a portable 2kg fire extinguisher and 5kg are models manufactured by Naffco with CE standards, Marine Approved
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Product information

- Detailed description and features 2kg Fire Extinguisher,Kitemark/LPCB 5kg Naffco Fire Extinguisher (NC2, NCS2, NCZ2, NC2A, NC5, NC5X, NC5A, NCA5X)

- Carbon dioxide in gas, colorless, odorless/non-toxic and provides rapid extinguishing of industrial fires. It is capable of fighting B-fire effectively. - Kitemark/LPCB certified for BS EN3.

- Seamless steel body (Lightweight).

- High quality polyester paint.

- Exhaust control.

- Brass head valve with simple squeeze operations provided with pressure relief disc

- Rechargeable and easy to service.

- Non-conductive agent for electrical use without risk to the operator.

- CO2 gas disappears quickly leaving no residue.

- Rotating horn does not freeze burn, with greater control of CO2 discharge through the horn rotation feature.

- 2Kg available with 55B Fire stat is as effective as 5Kg unit.

Ideal Uses: Chemical plants, oil rigs, railway yards, warehouses, construction sites, garages, airports, boats and docks, and large laboratories.


Specifications 2kg Fire Extinguisher, 5kg Naffco Fire Extinguisher with Kitemark/LPCB standard (NC2, NCS2, NCZ2, NC2A, NC5, NC5X, NC5A, NCA5X)


Bình Chữa Cháy 2kg,Bình chữa cháy 5kg Naffco chuẩn Kitemark/LPCB-Cách sử dụng bình chữa cháy MTZ4


Summary of types of Fire Extinguishers CO2..TẠI ĐÂY or Powder Fire Extinguisher...TẠI ĐÂY




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