11 models of Shilla injector body pipes

Manufacture: Shillafire
Product code: SL-2,SL-2Q,SL-3,SL-3A,SL-3AQ,SL-7MP-40/65,SL-7NR

SL-2, SL-2Q, SL-3, SL-3A, SL-3AQ, SL-7MP-40/65, SL-7NR
✅ use connection of nozzle and fire hydrant
✅ provide 100% Genuine
✅ CO, CQ manufacturer ⭐
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Product information

La hose is used to connect with fire hydrant and water gun. Some products are made more convenient and safe by reducing the type of recoil and attaching a rubber coating or hanging.

11 model ống thân lăng phun Shilla

Thông số kỹ thuật

Model Size Lenght(mm) Weight(kg) Application Note
SL-1, SL-1A FE40, FE65     Straight Nozzle Copper
SL-2 FE40 x FB40 365 0.6 SL-6-1, SL-8A Alloy, rubber
SL-2Q Machino40 x FB40 370 1.3 BR, Ni-Cr
SL-3A FE65 x FB65 300 1.1 SL-6A,6B, SL-8B,8BA,8C AL, Hard Anodized
SL-3AQ Machino65 x FB65 370 1.2
SL-3 FE65 x FB65 475 2.0 BR, Ni-Cr plated
SL-4Q Machino65 x FB65 490 2.4
SL-7MP-40 FE40 x FE40 300 0.9 SL-8AS, SL-10NW, SL-14S
SL-7MP-65 FE65 x FE65 455 2.6 SL-8D, SL-11NW, SL-15B
SL-7NR-40 FE40 x FE40 370 1.3 SL-8AS, SL-10NW, SL-14S AL, Hard Anodized Non Reaction
SL-7NR-65 FE65 x FB65 470 2.2 SL-6A, 6B, SL-6-3, SL-8B, SL-8C


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