10 Models of Shilla nozzles

Manufacture: Shillafire
Product code: SL-6-1,SL-6A,SL-6BA,SL-6-3,SL-8A,SL-8B,SL-8B-L,SL-

SL-6-1,SL-6A,SL-6BA,SL-6-3,SL-8A,SL-8B,SL-8B-L,SL-8C,SL-8A-S,SL-8D make : Aluminum, Copper..⭐
✅ Hose head is used to connect with spray nozzle body ⭐
✅ Reduces recoil and rubber coating or hanging makes it more convenient and safe Some products are made .


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10 Model đầu lăng phun Shilla


Model Size Flow(@0.7MPa) Structure Longs(mm) Tomb app Note
SL-6-1 FB40 275 LPM Alloy 90 SL-2,SL-2Q  
SL-6A FB65 900 LPM 155 SL-3A, SL-3AQ, SL-3, SL-4Q, SL-7NR-65  
SL-6BA FB65 100-250 LPM 200  
SL-6-3 FB65 660 LPM 260 Valve Type
SL-8A FB40 210~630 LPM 80 SL-2,SL-2Q ø 11-19
SL-8B FB65 210~630 LPM 130 SL-3A, SL-3AQ, SL-3, SL-4Q, SL-7NR-65 ø 11-19
SL-8B-L FB65(LONG) 690~2500 LPM 200 ø 20-38
SL-8C FB65 690~2500 LPM Copper 130 ø 20-38
SL-8A-S FB40 210~1800 LPM 130 SL-7MP-40, SL-7NR-40 ø 20-38
SL-8D FB65 1150~5000 LPM 75 SL-7MP-65 ø 25-50


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