10 Inch NRS Gate Valves

Manufacture: CHfire
Product code: 10 Inch NRS Gate

CHFIRE NRS Water Gate Valve is also called rotating stem gate valve (also called dark stem wedge gate valve). The valve stem nut is set on the gate. The rotation of the handwheel drives the rotation of the valve stem to lift the gate. Usually there is a trapezoidal thread at the bottom end of the valve stem. The thread on the bottom end of the valve and the guide groove on the disc will rotate the gate. It becomes linear motion, that is, the operating torque is changed to operating thrust.


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Product information

CHFIRE Manual NRS Gate Valve is installed in the pipeline for closing and opening.


1) Material

Body: Ductile Iron,QT450

Seal: Ductile Iron,QT450 Cover by NBR

Stem: 2CR13 Stainless Steel

Support: Ductile Iron,QT450 

2) Working Pressure: 16 bar 

3) End Connections: Flange x Flange 

4) Flange: BS4504 / ANSI150LB 

5) Size: DN65 thru DN500 

6) Valve Type: NRS Gate Valve 

7) Media: Water

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