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Đầu Phun Viking Model V SD, VK693, VK694, VK695

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VK693, VK694, VK695

Model V-SD (Single Directional) Specific Application Attic Sprinkler gồm các model :  VK693, VK694, VK695 dạng đầu phun đặc biệt nhất củ Viking ⭐✅ Cung cấp số lượng lớn Viking Tyco 5137 và TY 5237 ⭐✅ Báo giá đầu phun sprinker Viking 2020 ⭐✅ Bảo hành 12 tháng ⭐✅ Liên hệ trực tiếp 0917.911.114

Mô tả chi tiết Đầu Phun Viking Model V-SD, VK693, VK694, VK695

Đầu Phun Viking Model V-SD, VK693, VK694, VK695

Application-specific attic sprinklers Model V-SD (unidirectional-VK693, VK694, VK695) is designed to provide outstanding fire resistance in combustible and non-flammable attic spaces when compared to fire protection. Standard spray attic guard. With specific application criteria for use with specific Model V-BB (Back to Back) and VK696 Attic Upright Sprinklers, Viking attic sprinklers VK693, VK694, VK695 provide an extended coverage gap alternative for standard nozzles. They allow the use of a single pipe at the top of the attic, eliminating the need for branch lines and significantly reducing the number of nozzles required and the associated material and installation costs. The V-SD models also have lower minimum pressure and flow requirements than competing products. Viking Nozzle Models V-SD, VK693, VK694, VK695 can be installed with steel or CPVC pipes (only CPVC is allowed on wet pipe systems) and are available in copper or with Electroless Nickel (ENT) coating. corrosion resistance where salt water and other corrosive elements are being considered. cULus standard with specific application instructions for use as specialty sprinklers as regulated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and listed for extended coverage in flammable construction and does not burn. The cULus listing was achieved using full-scale fire tests during the construction of the timber trusses. The Model V-SD (Single Directional) sprinkler head offers reduced response times due to the narrow 6 ft ridge pitch. (1.8 m) and long throw (up to 40 ft in one direction measured horizontally) and is offered in three different slope ranges and one hole size (K=5.6). Listed for specific notes 4:12 < 7:12, 7:12 < 10:12 and 10:12≤12:12, and spans 40 ft. And 30 feet.

Specifications Viking Nozzle Model V-SD, VK693, VK694, VK695

Maximum pressure: 175 psi (12 bar)

Feedback Type: Special

Dimensions: 1/2” (15 mm) NPT

K-Factor: K-Factor: 5.6 U.S. (80.6 metric*)

Glass bulb liquid temperature rated to -65°F (-55°C)

Overall Length: 2-3/4 (69 mm)

Minimum installation distance: According to standard / list

Maximum installation distance: According to standard / list

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