Rapidrop Pressure Relief Valve UL/FM (Model 50B-4KG1 (Globe) -2050B-4KG1 (Angle))

Manufacture: Rapidrop
Product code: Model 50B-4KG1 -2050B-4KG1

Pressure Relief Valve (Model 50B-4KG1 (Globe) / 2050B-4KG1 (Angle)) aka UL/FM Standard Pressure Relief Valve
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Product information

Rapidrop UL/FM Pressure Relief Valve Specifications (Model 50B-4KG1 (Globe) -2050B-4KG1 (Angle))

✅ Size: 50mm to 300mm

✅ Spherical, angular body Maximum working pressure 150 to 250 (300 to 400psi)

✅ Maximum working temperature up to 85°C (185°F)

✅ Inlet connection : flange

✅ Connection: flange

✅ Material: iron - ASTM A536

✅ High quality red and red epoxy coating

✅ FM Standard Approved, UL Listed

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