Ebara EVM 5 vertical pump 16N5/3.0

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SPECIFICATIONS Ebara vertical shaft centrifugal pump – Made in Italy Model : EVM 5 16N5/3.0 Flow: 40-130 Liters/min Power: 3kw/4Hp Voltage: 380V/50hz/3p RPM: 2900rpm Head : 150-58.5 meters Heat resistance:+120oC Pump material: Pump chamber and impeller made of 304 stainless steel.

Ebara EVM 5 vertical pump 16N5/3.0

Outstanding feature The Ebara EVM 5 16N5/3.0 vertical pump is a series of high-pressure vertical centrifugal pumps. Used stainless steel 304 / 316 material to make the pump chamber and impeller with:

- Electric capacity: 3kw / 4Hp synchronously manufactured and assembled by Ebara pump manufacturer

- Oval threaded Ø42 outlet convenient for connection and flow rate: 5 m3/h

- Motor speed: 2900 rpm, the pump is strong and durable

- Cast iron material is used for the body of Ebara EVM 5 16N5/3.0 . Vertical Shaft Pump

- Mechanical seal when sealing and pump shaft in stainless steel AISI 304 / 316

- The shaft of the pump chamber is vertical with 16 stages of impellers according to Ebara's standards.

- Effective working temperature range from

-15 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius

- Ensure user safety with Insulation Class F

- Dustproof and wet environment Environmental protection grade IP55 Practical application: The vertical pump Ebara EVM 5 16N5/3.0 is widely used such as: Pumping hot water with a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius, cold water down to -15 degrees Celsius - INOX 316 material is applied to the medical industry, industrial production and life, serving fire prevention and fighting.

- Booster system, booster pump system

- for industrial plants, buildings, ..

- Cooling pump for air conditioner

- Water filtration system, clean water system General information of the product Ebara EVM 5 16N5/3.0 vertical pump is imported CBU Italy This product has a design of 16 wings with a pressure head up to 150 meters high and a flow rate of 130 Liters / Min Ebara vertical pump series of dedicated booster pumps, with oval flanged inlets

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