Eaton EFCV8 8-channel Fire Alarm Center,Hochiki 8-channel Fire Alarm Cabinet Price

Manufacture: Eaton Cooper
Product code: EFCV8

Eaton's 8-zone conventional fire alarm system
⭐is designed to be simple and easy to use, Made for small to medium sized applications including schools, warehouses, retail stores and buildings home office, it has an intuitive interface for hassle-free programming and maintenance ,Approved according to EN54-2 & 4, it has a modern, robust and discreet enclosure that blends easily With modern surroundings, A world leader in fire detection and alarm systems, Eaton has a wide range of common equipment to create a system to suit your application such as bells to signal change. exchange in schools or warehouses.


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Central cabinet with 8 channels of conventional fire alarm EFCV8
Module EOLM-1
8 Rơle zone + FRE / FPE BWOB8Z


Input voltage 18,75 - 30,7V
Maximum current drawn battery 2,7A
Number zone (zone) 8
Maximum load per region Standard mode: 32 detectors and call points manual Inner safe mode: 10 detectors and manual call points
Standby voltage (Vmin - Vmax) 19Vdc - 23Vdc
Alarm zone voltage (Vmin - Vmax) 31Vdc - 33Vdc
Fuse protection per zone 250mA PTC
End of Line A Termination Standard Conventional Zones - Only EOLM-1 intrinsic safe zone - SKI . resistor
Number of Sounder Circuits 230V Ah +10% / - 15% 50Hz
Maximum load per circuit 250mA
Fuse protection on each circuit 250mA PTC
End of Line B Termination 6K8 . Resistor
Unmonitored Output - Fire, Fault, Link Relay Type - No Volt, Single Pole Double Throw Rating - 30Vdc, Fuse 1A - PTC 500mA
Auxiliary output V - 18.15-30.7V
Imax - 50mA
Fuse - 50mA PTC

Unattended Input: Change Layer

Open circuit - Short-circuit normal panel operation - Activate all audio controls
Repeater port (use of this port is outside the scope of EN54) Type - RS485 button - 1
Working temperature -5 ° C to + 40 ° C
Non-condensing relative humidity 93% +/- 3%
Protections class IP30
Dimension (WxHxD) 375mm x 366mm x 134mm
Weight (battery not included) 2,25kg

PC ABS front and rear

Standard EN54 Part 2 CIE & Part 4 PSE, BS5839 Part 1

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